• Durable materials, tested by
    VTT Technical Research
    Centre of Finland
  • Printers designed for professional use
  • Customised and innovative
    software for different sectors

Kroko Software

For saving time and easy decision-making.

Kroko Integration

Smart and streamlined workflow.

Kroko Printers

Easy and reliable labelling.


Kroko Label

Kroko Label is versatile and easy-to-use label design software, which you can use to print suitable labels for everything: for industrial use, building services or labs.


The Measurement software can be used for storing commissioning measurements, verification measurements and periodic measurements of buildings. The results of different measurements from different years can be compared, getting a better overview of the lifespan of the building. The software also includes a simple tool for managing the testing of residual current protective devices. Measurement can be expanded into a comprehensive real estate service book programme.

Kroko MediLab

Kroko MediLab has been designed to help all laboratories with their labelling work. With Kroko MediLab, labelling samples is quick and easy. MediLab can be used without any other database software or patient health record systems, but it can be easily integrated with all known systems.


With Kroko-HVAC, it is easy to do all HVAC-related labelling. You can use this software to easily print air flow arrows, valve plate labels, suspended ceiling markings as well as manifold labels. The set values stored on the TA Scope meter can be used on the valve plate labels.

Kroko Food Service

Kroko Food Service solves all labelling problems for dietary restrictions. With a single press of a button, you can print labels of all kinds of dietary restrictions, which will be attached securely to the dish and are easy to remove without leaving any residue.

Kroko Integration

The Kroko Integration software package enables to combine Kroko printers with all known patient health record systems and other ERP systems.

We can manufacture and design all kinds of customised nifty programmes for your printing needs, at an affordable price.


Designed for demanding professional use, our printers are silent, fast and reliable. Our new Pro series includes desk printers as well as hand-held printers, which can be quickly connected to our computer software. Our printers have a five-year full warranty.

Kroko Pro 3600R
Kroko 600 Electric Pro
Kroko 36c
Kroko 24c
Kroko 18c
Kroko Pro 3600R
This very silent and reliable printer is a great tool for laboratories and industrial use. The printer can be connected to the LAN either with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly over WiFi. The printing precision is 360 DPI, and the printing speed is 35 mm/s. The device also has the patented PeelGuard corner cutter. Label sizes: on 4 – 36 mm; hear-shrinkable sleeves: 3 – 21 mm.
Kroko 600 Electric Pro
A stylish, professional, precise and fast printer whenever you need a reliable printer on the go; it can also be connected to your computer. The printing precision is 360 DPI, and the printing speed is 35 mm/s. Label sizes 4 – 36 mm; heat-shrinkable sleeves: 3 – 21 mm. The printer has a rewind feature as well as a Half Cut cutter. The DieCut shape label recognition feature also enables to print labels of different shapes. Runs on AC power, batteries or rechargeable batteries.
Kroko 36c
An affordable C-series desk printer, with a printing precision of 360 dpi. That enables to print very small and precise 2D codes. The printer is also fitted with a Half Cut cutter, which you can use to make a large batch of labels still stuck to their background tape. The device also has the patented PeelGuard corner cutter. Label sizes: 4 – 36 mm; heat-shrinkable sleeves 3 – 21 mm.
Kroko 24c
An affordable C-series portable printer that can also be connected to a computer. Label sizes: 4 – 24 mm, and heat-shrinkable sleeves: 3 – 11 mm.
Kroko 18c
The most affordable C-series printer with limited features. However, it has been praised a lot over the years due to its reliability. Label sizes: 4- 18mm, heat-shrinkable sleeves: 3 – 11 mm.

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Kroko Technical support

If you encounter any problems with our products, we provide technical support free of charge – on location. In case of any problems, call us immediately on +358 45 139 0519 (weekdays between 8–16) or send an e-mail to info@krokofinland.fi.

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